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Online GP Advice

You know exactly how it is these days. Almost everyone have an opinion on any given medical issue.

Go to "Dr. Google", by typing in any health related topic in the search box and you are sure to get thousands, if not millions of web pages, giving sometimes conflicting opinions.

The authors may have absolutely no medical training or experience. 

Even when what is advised is correct, it may not be applicable to your very own medical situation. 

Wouldn't you rather go to a motor mechanic to fix your car than a carpenter? And even better, a motor mechanic who can apply this knowledge to your specific car's problem? 

That is why, or was born.

You get healthcare information and advice, provided by doctors only, and can apply such information to your particular health situation via a one-on-one online doctor consultation. 

Trusted Medical Information

We bring you only trusted medical information.

Every single page on this website has been written by practicing doctors with experience in that particular topic or health condition. 

We do more than that. 

We peruse the pages of the latest medical literatures, distill the most uptodate information and combine that with our cognate experience from daily patient contact and you get the finest information presented in all our pages. 

And A One-On-One Online Doctor Advice

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