A Struggle, A Miracle

by Becky.F
(North West)

Since the age of 11/12 I've been trying to cope with spots, or should i say struggling? Anyway, I've been struggling with them and lately I've just had enough, even saying the word 'spots' irritates me. That is until i found PanOxyl(2.5).

Up until last week i had tried ever spot cream out there from freederm to clean and clear, but nothing seemed to work. I even tried not wearing make-up and just going on washing my face, trying to eating healthily and drinking water -that obviously didn't work even though everyone said it would. I looked everywhere possible online that helped with spot/acne care, and once again nothing worked.

When i went to the store Boots i told the chemist i had tried everything and she sold me a product named PanOxyl (2.5) which is an aquagel. It was a good price so i thought 'why not' and bought it.

After 5 days of applying it at night it really has made a difference and my parents have noticed as well. My skin seems to be clearing up and it's almost effortless.

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Dec 11, 2010
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by: The Acne GP

Thanks Becky.F, for your candid story on your experience with Panoxyl 2.5% aquagel. This is one of the most effective acne medications, particularly more effective against mild to moderate acne.

A word of note: It could lead to peeling or redness of your skin, but do not worry if this occurs, as it is usually clears off with time. Also, this medication could bleach your hair and clothes or other fabrics. The good news is that Panoxyl 2.5% is the mildest preparation of this group of medication, and is less likely to have any of the above side effects to any significant level.

Please feel free to read up more on this medication and get some at our acne medications page panoxyl.

Thanks again for your contributions. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or post further info on acne you found useful.

If you are new to this site, please feel free to add your voice to the growing users here to help banish acne or at least control the menace of acne, pimples and spots!

- The Acne GP.

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