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I'd really recommend giving the Aknicare

products a go. I've been using them for two years and after over 10 years of having acne and trying various different products have found them to be the most effective.

I use the remover in the morning, which you apply with cotton wool and reduces oiliness, inflammation and redness and the cleanser at night, which is a bit stronger than the remover as it's also an exfoliant. After that I use the lotion directly on my spots then the moisturising cream to finish off. My skin doesn't get as oily as it used to and isn't as red. I still get the odd spots occassionally, but overall my skin looks much clearer and healthier. Most of the week I go without wearing makeup now and just wear it at the weekends and am actually happy with the way I look without make up on, so my self esteem has improved greatly.

This products come highly recommended by dermatologists and are well researched, you can even get them on prescription from the NHS, so it is good stuff.

Aknicare is a very good acne fighting product I would personally recommend to anyone. Has anyone else tried them? I read very encouraging reviews on Aknicare from Amazon where I got this product first time.

I posted this review here because I want to know what others feel about this product. I will be watching out for comments.

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