Baking Soda For Acne| A cure for under $5 that really works overnight!!!!

by Anonymous Curer
(Worcester, MA United States)


I am 27 years old and I have been battling with Acne my whole life until I discovered a cure. I have used everything from Acutane to over the counter products to prescriptions. Some do work, but only for a short time and then the acne returns.

Part of what I do to keep my skin clean is eat mostly organic foods and drink plenty of water. I use glycerin only soap on my body and organic shampoo with tea tree oil for my hair. When washing clothes I use a very mild detergent with no perfumes or dyes.

These are just preventative measures, but the actual cure that I have found is baking soda. Here is what I do morning and night. I place the baking soda into a container and add water. I choose filtered water, but you can use tap if you want. I mix the two together until it forms a milky paste. Dont add too much water because it will be runny. I rub the mixture all over my face and let it dry into a mask. It may sting a little, but its well worth it. After 15-20 minutes or so I wash it off and my skin looks great.

Not only is it not irritated like it used to be after washing with a lot of soaps, but it absorbs all the excess oil and balances out my skin tone. The way it works is that the sodium bicarbonate drys the pimples, absorbs the oil, and sheds the dead skin cells. It leaves the skin dry making it difficult for bacteria too remain. The pimples I did have are gone and I havent had any since trying this out! I swore the day I found something that worked I would share it with the world so I hope this gets to those who need it most. Good luck.

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