how i got rid of acne/hyperpigmentation

by JL

SORRY it's long but it was my huge battle with this and trust me it's worthed so just bear with me. IF YOU DONT WANT TO READ MY STORY I WILL SUM IT UP IN THE END. P.S BEFORE I START, TRUST ME WHEN I SAY I WAS A DESPERATE MOFO, I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING, I KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE SAY THAT HAHA BUT IVE PROBABLY SPENT OVER 1K AND I DONT HAVE MONEY ), I'VE TRIED CHEMICAL PEEL, ALPHA PEEL, PEELING CREAMS,TONERS, CLEANSERS, EXFOLIANTS, GELS) AND I HAVE EXTREMELY OILY SKIN (MY FOREHEAD IS OILY LIKE AN HOUR AFTER MY SHOWER AND STAYS OILY TILL I WIPE IT OR SHOWER AGAIN) started getting acne around 16 years old (which is when i started hitting the gym). at the first i didn't really care but then it got bad to the point that i was embarrased to show myself. my acne was pretty bad. i had about 50 pimples but they were really small you couldn't see them from far but from close ups and close up pictures it looked like a trainwreck. so i started by getting those over the counter creams like clearasil and all those crappy exfoliants and stupid Sh't. I thought that worked b/c i moved and in the lighting of the bathroom in the new house my skin looked like i was wearing makeup. but than you go to a restaurant and you see... my problem areas were my forehead, nose. to add insult to injury i'm black and i never wore sunscreen so my forehead was way darker than my whole face so i really started hating myself. i still acted like i was tough and didn't care but holy sht did i care... so after about a year i started looking on the internet to things that could help me and found this thing called Obagi Nu Derm. it was 350$ but i said looking sexy has no price... So i went to the place BY BUS like 4 times and eventually got it. one of the side effects is peeling and i was going to school so i had to tell everyone it was allergies, but i looked like a monster... Michael Jackson was my name for a while... PLUS i must have used the Obagi wrong b/c i looked like 2 faced part of my face was light and the other dark. i'll admit it got rid of the big pimples not not the small ones. so i got off it and since it was the summer and sunny outside i eventually got back to my original skin tone. Eventually i called my great uncle who is a doctor and he

prescibed me with something called Clindasol. one of the side effects of clindasol is called Purging, where your skin goes worst because you have 5 layers of skin and pimples start in the first layer and it takes 28 days bla bla long story short your face becomes nasty for about 3 weeks. so for 3 weeks of freaking college i looked nasty. i was getting pimples ALL over my face. my forehead was bad, my cheeks got pimples for the first time etc. so i kept to it and eventually after about a month i stopped getting pimples! i still had a couple of small ones but they wouldnt go away SO i looked on the internet and found out that if you put baking soda on your face it would get rid of pimples. i did it and in about 2 weeks of exfoliating my skin with baking soda i got rid of all pimples. but i had another problem, i still had hyperpigmentation and acne scars, so i went back to my uncle after about 2 months and he gave me a prescription for somthing called Neostrata. it gets rid of hyperpigmentation AND scars. after about 2.5 weeks of use my scars cleared up and now i look pretty good and feel confident. i was jealous of all the guys with pimples but now people with pimples can be jealous of me. at my moms i used this toner i dont remember the name but i used it for 3 days and now my skin looks flawless (except for maybe 3 tiny pimples on my forehead)

Clindasol(TRUST ME GUYS YOUR fACE WILL LOOK LIKE SHIT FOR ABOUT a MONTH before it gets better) for 6 weeks every morning + night, cleaned my face with a facial cleanser and sometimes used a cotton swab to get all the dirt out.

for 2 weeks used clindasol once a day and baking soda once a day (left on for about 1 hour)
this got rid of about 98% of all my zits
to get rid of scars/hyperpigmentation :
Neostrata for 3 weeks (still on it atm) and a light toner i dont remember the name but used it 2x a day for 3 days and cleared my face it really freaking well...

So thats my battle and i really hope you guys get better, i battled pimples for 2 years and im finally done, goodluck guys ( i dont have pics of when i had acne cause i didnt let any1 take pics of me, i only have some pics of now, and they are quite blurred so u cant see if i do or do not have acne, sorry)

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