How I healed my face using all natural, organic products

by Claire

I used to have a lot of acne on my cheeks and now I am clear!

I used to have a lot of acne on my cheeks and now I am clear!

Hey Everyone!

I used to be on this website a lot years ago, and it has always been on my mind to come back on here and tell everyone how I cured my acne.

After years of trying EVERYTHING! Differin gel, retin-a-micro, proactive, etc. I tried going the more natural route. I started with my diet, by eating lots of fruit and veg (even tried raw foodism for about 6 months), drinking more water, fasting etc. While my skin got a tiny bit better, it wasn't enough to make me feel like the happy and confident person that I wanted to be. That was, until my friend introduced me to my favorite company in the entire world. Here is their website, and I will follow this link with an example of my daily routine and the products I use. I hope someone out there finds it useful! I know some of their products seem expensive, but everything is pure, organic essential plant oils and NOTHING else. Everything lasts me over 6 months as well. (when you go to the website, click the tab that says "Renegade Beauty Care" and then click "Grace the Face"!)

This is now my daily routine, which leaves me completely clear. If I ever get a pimple, it is here and there, around the time of my menstruation. But it always goes away within a day or two.

Morning & Night routine:

product: Best Skin Ever- Seabuckthorn (All you do is take one squirt of this healing and cleansing oil, put it on one of her all natural hemp face clothes, and gently massage your face). After about one minute, rinse off. Then squirt a pea size on your palm and massage back into you face for a base coat of healing moisturizer.

product: ChocolateKarat Serum - This is handsdown the best moisturizer on the PLANET! The bottle may be small, but you only need a pea size. (This is the
description on the website: Lubricating nectars of cacao, carrot, rose, immortelle, & ormus gold radiate nourishment deep into the layers of the skin. Soothe this chocolate silk into face to replenish at night, or in the day to play with the sun's rays. Deeply nourishing.)

If that doesn't perfectly describe this serum, then I don't know what will! Smells like amazing chocolate as well. At this point your face will have a subtle glowing dew. An alternative healing serum to this product is RoseGlow, which is exceptional if you have particularly dry skin. It is the perfect winter go-to.

product: Next, I take the ZippityDewDab, (ingredients are: Niaouli, carrot seed, Immortelle, rosemary, blue tansy, and thyme) and dab it on any pimples/ or areas that are prone to pimples. (which for me are around my jaw line and on my chin).

AND THAT IS IT! It is so simple, and if you follow these particular steps, your skin will not only be glowing, but smell incredible. My boyfriend always takes a deep sniff of my face because it smells so good.

As you can tell, I am a huge Living Libations fan, and I obviously have more than these four products. I encourage you to look around the website at her self-dentistry protocols (I no longer use toothpaste! Just her essential oil blends), her essential kits (which is a good deal if you want a handful of products) as well as her poetic pits/under-arm charm. It is her version of deodorant, consisting of sandalwood and essential oils... and it leaves me smelling amazing for at least 36 hours!

What I love most is that every product she has that I use on my body is completely natural, pure plant botanicals. Not to mention, every day feels like a spa day. I hope you all find healing, clarity, and happiness and I sincerely hope that I helped in even a small way by making this post!



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Dec 29, 2013
thanks Clare
by: your supporter anonymous

Hey Clare. I am 11 and have acne. I do not use products because I believe I am young and this is just a little bit. But I like to see people who are very much... obliged and open-minded. I am probably a surprise to you by my age. But I am still eager to see how long acne lasts if you just leave it, thus is because my mu
m and (second) stepdad think that I should not use anything to stop,(or worse cover) my acne. I am somali so.... this is not a common thing in other Somalis. Normally, my acne goes away after 2 weeks or so. Is this even acne? O am confused. But thanks, to be polite and it is nice to hear your story! Are you from England? I live in there....... bye!!!

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