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Oct 07, 2018

The Metabolically Healthy Obese: Should You Worry?

The metabolically healthy obese: Should You Worry If You Are Obese But Healthy? Navigating The Confusion. See what the evidence says.

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Sep 09, 2018

Duct Ectasia of the Breast |

Duct ectasia of the breast is a benign condition caused by the distention and clogging of milk channels or ducts in the breast. It is more commonly seen in smokers. It is not precancerous.

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Sep 09, 2018

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Symptoms |

Abdominal aortic aneurysm symptoms include central or left lower abdominal ache that radiates to the back, with associated dizzy spell and collapse. Find out more here if this could be the cause of your symptoms.

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Mar 25, 2018

Online GP Advice: Medical Information & Online Doctors |

Get online GP advice here from fully certified and registered medical doctors when you need it. We also provide a one-on-one health coaching service.

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Aug 20, 2016

Acne Diets | Foods That Cause Acne & Foods That Help

Acne diets is about knowing the kind of foods that recent medical evidence has confirmed as having a link to making acne worse and avoiding such.

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Oct 07, 2015

Panoxyl | A Very Effective Acne Medication

Panoxyl preparations are a great and very effective medication against mild to moderate acne. On it's own or in combination with other medications, you will have a very potent remedy against most ...

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Oct 06, 2015

Acne Stories To Reflect On

Find Acne stories here to inspire you fight this skin condition! See how boys and girls like you faced acne and won the battle. Reflect on these acne experiences. Get inspired!

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Oct 06, 2015

Disclaimer | This Site Is For Information Purposes Only

Disclaimer: While every possible care has been taken as to the correctness of information provided here, you use this site at your own risk. This site is provided for information purposes alone ...

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Jun 16, 2014

What Causes Acne | Things To Avoid To Overcome Your Acne

What causes acne are factors that you have very little or no control over; but reducing stress levels, avoiding the use of heavy and oily make ups, as well as an eye on what you eat will help ...

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Jul 05, 2013

Types of Acne | Understanding Acne Types Is Very Vital For Treatment Success

There are 4 main types of acne, and at least 6 other non-typical forms of this skin condition. Understanding acne types is very important for treatment success. What type ...

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Jul 05, 2013

Squeezing Spots And Pimples

Touching your face causes more problems. even if popping pimples can seem fun at times.watching that dizzy white and yellow stuff come out but the touch

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Jul 03, 2013

Acne Conglobata | Diagnosis and Treatment

Acne conglobata is a severe form of acne found mainly in males, causing large nodular acne with interconnecting cyst and abscess formation. Treatment is by use of steroids, accutane and ...

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Sep 03, 2012

What Makes Acne Worse | Things That Can Worsen Your Acne & Cause Breakouts

Understanding what makes acne worse is a very important step in controlling your acne. Find the list of things that worsen acne here, from foods, pills, cosmetics, to jobs.

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Aug 09, 2012

roaccutane for severe acne

I suffer with severe acne, made up of spots, red swollen pimples and some scaring. I was put on a combination of Epiduo gel and trimethoprim tablets.

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Aug 09, 2012

causes of acne

I also suffer from bad acne on my cheeks, but after I replaced my dairy milk with soy milk, it's all better now Yes. Various studies have shown a strong

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Jun 09, 2012

Acne Message Boards | Post Your Acne Message Here

Acne message boards are important ways of drawing from other people's experience with acne. Post your message here and get someone who might have had similar concern contact you.

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May 06, 2012

Acne Products With Benzoyl Peroxide | Helping You With The Best Acne Treaments

The following are acne products with benzoyl peroxide either wholly or in combination with an antibiotic or other acne medications. They are generally very good acne remedy. Panoxyl, acnecide, duac,

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Apr 08, 2012

Acne survey

Hello, I am a college student who had suffered from severe acne last year and because of that, I became interested in learning about acne. My skin is

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Apr 08, 2012

How I healed my face using all natural, organic products

Hey Everyone! I used to be on this website a lot years ago, and it has always been on my mind to come back on here and tell everyone how I cured my acne.

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Feb 12, 2012

hard redness

with using panoxyl my face become very red, and with some red spot and very hard , which cream should i use for remove this bad and hard redness, please

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