roaccutane for severe acne

by Ying Tao
(Brighton, England)

I suffer with severe acne, made up of spots, red swollen pimples and some scaring. I was put on a combination of Epiduo gel and trimethoprim tablets.

I was adviced to use the epiduo gel once at night daily for the next 3 to 6 months, and the trimethoprim 200mg twice a day for on emonth, and then 300mg twice daily for another 3 months.

I hope an dpray that it works.

I have been on erythromycin tablets, for 6 months, an dthen lymecycline tablets, bot of which did not work.

My dermatologist has advised that if no improvement, as the last resort, he is going to put me on Roaccutane tablets. This is a very strong medicine and I understand that I will need to do some blood test to check my liver, kidney and lipids level before going on this.

What I also find sort of frightening is that the dermatologist said because this medicine, roaccutane, is a very strong medicine, I must not get pregnant. I need to be on TWO types of contraceptives for a month before starting the medicine and all through when I am on them.

Has anyone any experience with the use of any of these medicine, especially the roaccutane? I am afraid of how dangerous it might be.

Any help and advice will b ehighly apprciated.

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