Squeezing Spots And Pimples

by ashley
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Touching your face causes more problems. even if popping pimples can seem fun at times.watching that dizzy white and yellow stuff come out but the touch can cause scars or more pimples because every time u touch your face and the oils rub into other pours causing more pimples ........not fun:(

Dear Ashley,

Yes, I completely agree with you. Touching and squeezing pimples does not help them to heal. It may worsen the inflammation and even cause the skin to break and increases the chances of developing scars.

The "dizzy white and yellow stuff" that comes off from a squeezed acne or pimple is actual pus, which consists of dead bacteria and skin debris, as well as some sebum. Spreading it to other parts of the skin helps to spread infections to spots that would otherwise not have become infected and swollen. Your message is clear: Never Squeeze your spots or pimples, no matter how tempting it might be to!

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Thanks again.


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Jul 05, 2013
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