Unhappy acne...

by Jennifer
(Corpus ChristiTexas)

As a woman the age of 34 I have experienced acne ALL my life.

I have 2 children that are 14 and 17. I thought after a certain age my skin would clear up.But it seemed as i got older my pimples got worse... Feeling so discouraged and helpless I didnt know what to do.

It got so bad that after a family members girlfriend called to recommend Proactiv in a nice way I wanted to CRY. I had tried Panoxyl like 5 years before but stopped because my face was getting so dry. Down to my last alternative I went to Walgreens and started using again.... After a week my skin was looking GREAT... I could SWEAR by this stuff...

I actually feel good going out of the house without makeup. That had never happened. I was always caking on the makeup to cover my face..But now I feel disappointed because in my area they are discontinuing this product in all the stores...
But THANK YOU JESUS for the internet so I can order my but off.

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